Zhao Liang, deputy district head of Yangpu District, Shanghai, and the leaders of the District Science and Technology Committee visited Shanghai Quna for investigation and communication


On November 27th, Deputy District Head Zhao Liang and his delegation from Yangpu District, Shanghai, visited Qunabox headquarter for investigation and communication. Qunabox’s co-founder and CEO, Yin Juehui, along with the company’s management team, accompanied them throughout the visit.

The delegation toured Qunabox’s cooperative brand showroom and departments, gaining a thorough understanding of Qunabox business model, development status, and personnel composition. Following extensive discussions with the Qunabox team, Deputy District Head Zhao Liang and his delegation expressed full recognition of Qunabox’s distinctive business model and clear strategic positioning.

Yin Juehui, Qunabox’s co-founder and CEO, expressed gratitude for the visit by Deputy District Head Zhao Liang and his delegation. In the future, Qunabox will continue to leverage its strengths, expand its business cooperation domains, and achieve a win-win-win situation for the brands, consumers and itself.