Social Responsibility

Qunabox group believes the success of an enterprise 

is tied to the support of society. We care about the 

development of society and the improvement of 

people’s livelihood, and we actively participate in 

various charity activities. Through continuous 

participation, we hope to help more people in need 

of assistance and create a brighter future together.

Qunabox Group's Goodness Collection Empowers Disadvantaged Students to Pursue Their Dreams

Since 2019, Qunabox group has been actively involved in the “Enlightening  Dreams Program for Disadvantaged Students” for multiple years. This program consists of the Dream Building Scholarship, the Enlightening Class, the Rural Children’s Growth Camp, the Enlightened Student Association, and the Future Educators, with the aim of building a growth-oriented school without walls that covers middle school, high school, and university stages. It aims to support a group of rural children who want to change their life through hard work, complete their education, become individuals with a sense of their roots, independent thinking abilities, a forward-looking mindset, and a sense of social service and public spirit.

As the leading contributor to the Goodness Collection project, Qunabox group actively participates in the donation activities every year and utilizes its own media resources to help spread and expand its influence. We hope to provide educational resources and support to students from economically disadvantaged families, enabling them to receive a better education and achieve their dreams.

Qunabox Group's Solidarity with Shanghai: Donating Supplies to Aid Pandemic Efforts

Amidst the challenging circumstances brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, Qunabox group proactively took action and actively participated in relief efforts, including the donation of essential supplies. Beginning on April 29, 2022, Qunabox group has contributed a total of 1000 boxes containing face masks, drinking water, functional beverages, probiotics, instant noodles, and chocolates to the Yangpu District in Shanghai, in multiple batches.

Through these initiatives, Qunabox group aims to support the prevention and control of the pandemic while conveying warmth and care to those in need. We remain committed to collaborating with various sectors of the community, standing together to overcome adversities. With unity and mutual assistance, we firmly believe in forging a safer and healthier future.

Qunabox Group Rushed to the Front Line of Disaster Relief, Aiding Zhengzhou in the Fight Against the Flood Disaster

In July 2021, upon receiving news of the devastating flood disaster caused by heavy rainfall in Zhengzhou, Qunabox group sprang into action. We swiftly activated the local warehouse and rallied a committed team to the forefront of the relief efforts to provide essential relief materials, including food and drinking water, to those affected by the calamity as soon as possible.

Qunabox group upholds the unwavering principle that “One party in trouble, all parties support.” Each box of supplies delivered by Qunabox group carries the heartfelt concern of every employee towards the affected individuals. Qunabox group remains committed to closely monitoring the ongoing relief requirements in the area, continuing to make meaningful contributions, and collaborating with all segments of society to expedite the recovery of the victims in Zhengzhou.