Qunabox Group Collaborated with CTG Travel in Dubai to Shine on CCTV Spring Festival Gala Theme Day


       Recently, Qunabox Group made a splash with CTG Travel under the Burj Khalifa in Dubai on the CCTV Spring Festival Gala Theme Day. Government officials and business representatives from both China and abroad came together for this prestigious event. The festivities showcased a rich array of ethnic crafts and delectable specialty foods, drawing in a large crowd of local tourists and Chinese expatriates celebrating the Minor Chinese Spring Festival in Dubai. Throughout the event, Qunabox Group unveiled its advancements in brand incubation, technological innovation, and intelligent applications, offering a vibrant display of Chinese Spring Festival culture to the enthralled audience. In the current era of global economic integration, this event marks Qunabox Group’s inaugural stride towards global expansion.

       During the theme day event, Ms. Yin Juehui, Chairwoman of Qunabox Group, delivered an address emphasizing the group’s commitment to leveraging its extensive marketing experience in the Chinese market to actively forge new market opportunities and establish the platform for both domestic and international brands. In recent years, China has witnessed a remarkable shift in consumer behavior spanning different generations and sectors. The growth of traditional brands often requires decades of painstaking effort, while lots of modern consumer brands only took few years. Qunabox Group has emerged as a pivotal player in this evolving landscape, catering to a wide spectrum of young consumers and harnessing the latest technological trends to accelerate brand development. For small and medium-sized brands, the integration of resources such as technology, channels and marketing presents formidable challenges. Qunabox Group, with its cutting-edge multi-channel and one-stop services, stands ready to swiftly propel brands into the market, enhance their value, and carve out a distinctive market presence.